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Medieval Science, Technology, Mathematics and Medicine

These directories lead to information on medieval astronomy, alchemy, mathematics, natural sciences, medical knowledge, disease, and the development of science and technology through the Middle Ages.
  1. Alchemy (7)
  2. Inventions (5)
  3. Medicine (10)
  4. Math and Astronomy (10)
  5. Plague and Disease (20)
  6. Natural Science (4)
  7. Technology (6)
  8. Scientists (10)

Adelard of Bath: The Impact of Muslim Science
This extract from the Preface to Adelard's Very Difficult Natural Questions includes a lively conversation comparing Arabic and French learning. At Paul Halsall's Medieval Sourcebook.

Bibliography of Science and Technology in the Middle Ages
Extensive list of helpful and significant publications concerning medieval science and technology, provided at the ORB.

Jesuits and the Sciences
Follow the scientific work of members of the Society of Jesus, from the mid-sixteenth-century to today. Includes numerous illustrations.

The Measurers
This exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science at the University of Oxford centers on the Flemish painting and uses it as a tool in displaying the scientific developments of the 16th century.

Science and Civilization in Islam
This enlightening article by Seyyed Hossein Nasr clearly explains the Islamic approach to science and art today and throughout history.

Society for the History of Medieval Technology and Science
SHMTS aims to promote, popularize and contribute to the study of the technology and science of the Middle Ages (European, Islamic, and Asian).

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