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The Silk Road

The "Silk Road" consisted of dozens of unpaved trade routes connecting Asia and India with Europe and the Mediterranean. Throughout the Middle Ages it served as the primary conduit for contact between East and West.

Along the Silk Route
Helpful introduction to the history and use of the Silk Road, from About.com Guide to Archaeology K. Kris Hirst.

Silk Roads
Interesting look at the trade route and its economic and cultural effects, as well as silk in the west, from About.com Guide to Ancient History N.S. Gill.

Lost Cities of the Silk Road
Pamela Logan's Asia Adventure page includes information on the remote sensing project and a gallery of photos.

Maps of Silk Road
A map of the silk route in Chinese is followed by English maps of the route and Northern China.

The Silk Road
Extensive article by Oliver Wild outlines the nature of the route, its history, development, and decline, as well as modern restoration efforts. Pictures of the area are also available on a separate page; give them time to load.

The Silk Road
Concise overview at Regit.com is highlighted with numerous images.

The Silk Road Foundation
Offers numerous resources on the history and geography of the Silk Road, including articles, maps, and a multi-topic timeline.

The Silk Road: Linking Europe and Asia Through Trade
Nice overview of the origins, social consequences and decline of the route, at ThinkQuest, includes a colorful map.

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