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Medieval Technology

The Great Stirrup Controversy
An overview of the various theories concerning the contribution of the stirrup to feudalism, by Paul J. Gans at his Medieval Technology Pages.

The Stirrup Controversy
John Sloan's examination of the theory that the advent of the stirrup caused or contributed to the development of feudalism, provided by Paul Halsall at Fordham University.

Medieval Iron and Steel -- Simplified
Enlightening and easily-absorbed article by Bert Hall at the ORB explains the different ways of working with iron and steel and the methods used in medieval Europe and Asia.

The Medieval Technology Pages
Choose the alphabetical index or the timeline to access dozens of hyperlinked pages by Paul Gans on medieval technology. References provide sources used and are hyperlinked to technological info.

A Revolution in Timekeeping
This segment of A Walk through Time by the National Institute of Standards and Technology follows the development of mechanical clocks in Europe from the early 14th century onwards.

Matteo Ricci: The Art of Printing
Observations of the sixteenth-century scientist on the advanced technology of Chinese printing, provided by Paul Halsall.

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