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Renaissance Studies

These directories offer resources for the study of the Renaissance movements, examples of the art, architecture, literature, poetry, drama and music of the times, the political and economic circumstances that allowed the Renaissance movements to flourish, and the events surrounding artistic growth.
  1. Renaissance Art (4)
  2. Renaissance Literature (10)
  3. Renaissance Music (5)
  4. Topics in Renaissance Study (5)
  5. Primary Sources (3)
  6. Renaissance Journals (3)
  7. Renaissance Study Societies (2)

Murder of a Medici Princess by Caroline P Murphy
Your Guide's review of Caroline Murphy's biography of Isabella de'Medici Orsini.

Humanists & Reformers by Bard Thompson
Your Guide's review of Bard Thompson's excellent and extensive resource on the history of the Renaissance and Reformation.

The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy by Jacob Burckhardt
The complete text of The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy by Jacob Burckhardt, a significant 19th-century social history that influenced Renaissance studies for generations. A public-domain document online here at the Medieval History site.

Worldly Goods by Lisa Jardine - Guide Review
Your Guide's concise review of Lisa Jardine's Worldly Goods - A New History of the Renaissance.

Your Guide's Review of The Renaissance: A Short History by Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson attempts to offer an introduction to the Renaissance. Does he succeed? Your Guide's honest review.

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