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Timelines of Peoples, Places and Cultural Groups

These tables depict significant events and developments for cultural groups and geographical areas.

African Timelines, Part II: African Empires
Heavily hyperlinked table of events from the first century to the fifteenth, by Cora Agatucci at Central Oregon Community College.

Asia - Major Events Relevant to Central Asian History
Straightforward timeline by Mark Dickens covers major events in Central Asian history from 1200 BC to 1600 AD.

Britain - Medieval Timeline Reference
Multi-page chronology covers Britain from the ninth through fourteenth centuries; each entry is a link to a bit more information, where you may find a link to a geneaological table.

Timeline of British History
This and the next three pages at Britannia Internet Magazine provide concise capsules of info for the years from 402 AD to 1689, lightly hyperlinked to in-depth articles.

Bulgaria - Chronology
From the Library of Congress Country Study on Bulgaria comes this timeline of events from the seventh century to the seventeenth. Online here at the Medieval History site.

Selective Byzantine Timeline
From your About.com Guide, a hyperlinked chronology of Byzantine history from the establishment of Constantinople as an imperial residence to its fall to the Turks.

Early Europe: Timeline of Charlemagne's Life and Reign
A chronological listing of significant events in the Frankish king's life and reign, from his birth in 742 to his death in 814. Part of the Charlemagne Study Guide.

Hungary - Chronology
From the Library of Congress Country Study on Hungary comes this timeline of events from the sixth century and early up to the late seventeenth. Online here at the Medieval History site.

India - Chronology of Important Events
From the Library of Congress Country Study on India comes this timeline of events from the 26th century BCE to the mid-nineteenth century CE.

Italy - Virtual History of Venice
Hyperlinked timeline of significant events in Venice's history from the invasion of Attila in 452 to the surrender of its sovereignty in 1797 presented by Boglewood Corporation.

Timeline of Japanese History
A very basic list of events from 10,000 BC to the present, at the Ask Asia site.

History of Monaco
Simple timeline from the eleventh century to the twentieth. Information by the Monaco Centre de Presse provided online by Brigitte Gastel Lloyd.

The Mongols - Genghis Khan Timeline
The harsh realities of the Mongol leader's life are smoothly told in concise descriptions with this timeline at National Geographic Online Magazine.

Mongol History and chronology from ancient times
Fairly long article by Per Inge Oestmoen covers Mongol history, myth and heritage through Genghis Khan and beyond.

World History Timeline: The Mongols
Straightforward chronology in tabular format by Jim Jones covers significant events in Mongol history from the third to thirteenth century.

Poland - Chronology
From the Library of Congress Country Study on Poland comes this timeline of events from the mid-tenth century to the late eighteenth. Online here at the Medieval History site.

A Timeline of Scandinavian History
The Viking Answer Lady (a.k.a. Christie Ward) created this extensive timeline, centering on the Viking Age and ranging from 4000 BCE to ca. 1300 CE.

Chronology of Scottish History
Covering events from 76 to 1595 C.E., this timeline includes calendar dates and is heavily hyperlinked to more useful information, both at Rampant Scotland and elsewhere on the web.

Scottish History Timeline
Well-annotated, multi-page chronology at Britannia Internet Magazine.

Spain - The Reconquest
Very brief timeline of important events in Spain from the eighth through fifteenth centuries, at the Sí, Spain site.

The Rise and Fall of the Spanish Empire
Another timeline, covering 1514 to 1714, at the Sí, Spain site.

Some Important Dates in Medieval Spanish History
This timeline at the UCLA Humanities department covers 406 to 1492 with concise descriptions of significant events.

Medieval Wales Timeline
Nicely-done hyperlinked timeline covering the sixth through seventeenth centuries at Jeff Thomas' Castles of Wales site.

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