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Viking Life and Society

British Museum: The Vikings
23 artifacts are featured in this online tour, including jewelry, everyday items, and entire hoards. Be sure to check out the larger version of each photograph.

Daily Life In Viking Age Scandinavia
From the Viking Answer Lady comes a collection of articles about food, clothes, fun and games, weddings and divorces, names, and much more.

Everyday Life
Some basic, introductory articles on food, clothes, horses, and other aspects of life in the Viking Age, at the Viking Network.

HNEFATAFL The Viking Game
Detailed description of the game and some strategy for playing it is followed by a fairly extensive history. Informative article by Sire Bohémond de Nicée at the Game Cabinet.

Viking Age Foodstuffs
A compilation of food items found through archaeological finds and some very useful sources, provided by Carolyn-Priest Dorman.

The Jorvik Viking Center
Built on the site of a tenth-century Viking city in York, the center provides a vivid experience in the recreation of everyday life. Site includes introductory info with numerous photos and admission information for those fortunate enough to visit.

The Vikings and Money in England
Brief essay by Roy Davies, online at the Viking Network, provides a little background on the production of coins in Britain, explores the origin of the word "penny," and examines the Danegeld.

Vikings in Norway Make Their Own Money
This article by Thor-Egil Paulsen at the Viking Network takes a look at the coins minted by the Vikings themselves as well as those from other nations found in Viking hoards.

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