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Vikings and Scandinavian History

Though notorious for their fearsome Viking raids, Scandinavians were also farmers and craftsmen. Find out more about this complex society that began in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and spread to Iceland, Greenland, Russia, much of Europe and even the Americas.
  1. Viking Life (8)
  2. Vikings in America (3)
  3. Viking Topics (2)
  4. Viking Expansion (3)
  5. Viking Sources (5)
  6. Viking Ships (7)
  7. Viking Militaria (4)
  8. Viking Myth (5)
  9. Viking Runes (4)

Medieval Atlas: Maps of Scandinavia
An index of maps depicting Scandinavia, in whole or in part.

Medieval Kings of Denmark
Chronological table of Danish kings from Angantyr in the 8th century to Erik the Evergood in the 12th. Data taken from The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings by John Haywood.

The Vikings - An Overview
Excellent rundown of who the Vikings were and where they went, plus Viking characteristics and famous Vikings. Nicely done by About Guide to European History Robert Wilde.

History of Scandinavia
Clear and concise summations of the histories of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland from About Guide to Scandinavia for Visitors Terri Mapes.

The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings
Your Guide's review of The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings, edited by Peter Sawyer.

'The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings' by John Haywood
Your Guide's concise review of The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings by John Haywood.

A Bibliography of Sources of the Viking for the Non-Viking
Brief listing of introductory works on Viking and Scandinavian history, aimed primarily at reenactors and helpfully annotated by Carolyn Priest-Dorman.

The Haskins Society
An international scholarly organization dedicated to the study of Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and early Angevin history. Website includes information on publications, the Bethell Prize, how to join the society, and a directory of members.

Medieval Scandinavia
The occasional design flaw detracts from an otherwise useful and fascinating compendium of Norwegian history compiled by enthusiast Tom Bjørnstad.

The Norse
Introduction to the Norse peoples and their influence in Iceland, England, Ireland, Russia and France, by Richard Hooker. Part of a larger site on the EUropean Middle Ages.

Nova Online: The Vikings
Film clips, a clickable map and interactive pages bring the Viking past to life in this well-presented site by PBS. In addition to general background on the Vikings, get info on Norse ships, Icelandic sagas, and the Viking diaspora; explore a Viking village, build a tree-ring timeline, and write your name in runes.

Secondary Sources for Medieval Scandinavia
Extensive article by Tamsin Hekala at the Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies explores various academic aspects of study as well as including information for further research.

The Hugin and Mugin
A series of informal yet informative articles from the Viking Age Club include features on Old Norse religion, fun and games, and that ever-popular question, "Where Did the Horns Come From?"

The Viking Answer Lady
In her persona of Gunnora Hallakarva, Christie Ward answers dozens of questions in original articles on Viking history, technology, war, culture and much more.

The Viking Network
Aiming primarily at teachers and students, this friendly site offers introductory info on different aspects of everyday life and history. Originated by Wigo Skråmm in Norway and David Morley.

A basic overview of the history of Finland from the origins of the Finns to the early 19th century. Part of a larger work on the country of Finland produced by the Library of Congress; a public domain document online here at the Medieval History site.

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