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Medieval Warfare

These sites look at the strategy, tactics, theory and implementation of seiges, castles and fortifications, and other aspects of medieval warfare.

The Art of Warfare
Overview of the tactics and weaponry of medieval warfare concentrates on the developments of the sixteenth century. By C.T. Iannuzzo at the Poulet Gauche site.

Castle and Siege Terminology
Fairly lengthy page of terms concerning parts of the castle and items used in besieging it, suitable for printing or downloading, compiled by T. J. Ray.

De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History
An international scholarly association established to foster and develop interest in the study of pre-modern military affairs. Website offers extensive resources, including articles, book reviews and a substantial bibliography.

The Geometry of War, 1500-1750
This exhibition from the Museum of the History of Science at the University of Oxford focuses on developments in mathematics and their application to warfare. Site includes an extensive introductory essay, a bibliography, and hundreds of photos of and background information on weapons and technological devices

The Military Encampment in the Early Middle Ages
Article by Roger Barry at the Vikings living history site explores how encampments were built and maintained, and who did what, in Dark Age Britain.

Almogavares - Spanish Soldiers
This article from the 1911 Encyclopedia focuses on the Almogavares, a class of Spanish soldiers well known during the Christian reconquest of Spain and much employed as mercenaries in Italy and the Levant during the 13th and 14th centuries.

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