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Women and Gender Issues

  1. Biographies of Women (15)
  2. Women and the Arts (2)
  3. Women and Literature (8)
  4. Women and Religion (13)
  5. Primary Sources (3)

Medieval Herstory Quiz
Ten quick questions about general women's history in the Middle Ages.

Magnificent Medieval Women Quiz
20 questions. 30 possible answers. Test your knowledge of which extraordinary woman achieved what in this challenging quiz.

Medieval Women by Eileen Power - Guide Review
Your Guide's introductory review of an enlightening work about medieval women from the groundbreaking medievalist, Eileen Power

Celtic Women: Myth and Symbol
Fairly thorough examination of the depiction of and attitudes toward females in Celtic myth. Interesting work at the Quest site.

Dominion & Domination of the Gentle Sex
Very well done site by Troy Scheid and Laura Toon examining the roles of medieval women from all walks of life.

Women and the Crusades
A brief article on the effect of the Crusades on women at the Women in World History Curriculum

A discussion list for medieval feminist studies. Send a message with no subject to listproc@u.washington.edu and put "subscribe MEDFEM-L Your Name" in the message body; your request will be forwarded to the list owners for approval.

The Medieval Feminist Index
An excellent resource covering journal articles, book reviews, and essays in books about women, sexuality, and gender during the Middle Ages. Maintained by Margaret Schaus.

Medieval Jewish Women.... Bibliography
Extensive, well-annotated listing of resources on Medieval Jewish Women in History, Literature, Law and Art, compiled by Cheryl Tallan.

Notion of Gender in the Middle Ages: Myth vs. Reality
With examples from medieval literature, essays and legal records, Garrett Moritz examines various contemporary views of women in the middle ages and explores their actual standing in society.

Status of Women in Medieval Karnataka
Article by Dr. (Mrs.) Jyotsna Kamat explores the highly varied social positions of women in Karnataka, India, their work, their familial relationships and their personal power.

Tradition of Female Education in Karnataka
Article by Dr. Jyotsna Kamat, unfortunately plagued by typos, reveals overlooked evidence for the education of young women in Medieval India.

The Use of Power and Influence by a Medieval Woman
Very useful introduction to the study of women's power and position in the Middle Ages by Tina Cooper.

Viking Women
Some very basic information on the everyday life of Viking Women, at the Viking Network.

Women Knights of the Middle Ages
Some intriguing information provided by François Velde explores female knightly orders, women in military orders, and women knights of medieval times.

Women and Women's Communities in Ancient Japan
An overview of the culture and treatment of women, from the earliest centuries through the Heian period, by Richard Hooker at his Ancient Japan site.

'Uppity Women of Medieval Times' by Vicki Leon
A review of Vicki Leon's enjoyable collection of courageous medieval women.

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