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Saint Louis

King Louis (X

King Louis IX of France was kind, fair, popular, and the only French king ever to be made a saint.

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Medieval History Spotlight10

Bulgars, Bulgaria and Bulgarians

The early Eastern European people known as the Bulgars would establish an empire in the Balkans that would face off against Byzantium.

Guy de Chauliac

Considered one of the most influential physicians of the Middle Ages, Guy de Chauliac wrote a highly significant work on surgery that would serve as the standard text for more than 300 years.

Emperor Charles III

Known as Charles the Fat, Emperor Charles III was the last of the Carolingian line of emperors.

Pope Clement VI

Clement sponsored a naval crusading expedition, bought land for the papacy in Avignon, patronized arts and learning, and defended the Jews when pogroms flared up during the Black Death.

Pope John II

Pope John II was the first pontiff to change his name upon taking the papal chair.

Saint Boniface

In his zeal for missionary work, Boniface passed up a cushy post as an abbot in order to evangelize the Germans.

Church, Mosque, Museum ... Mosque?

Will the Hagia Sophia be converted from a museum back into a mosque?

Pope Innocent III

Pope Innocent III was one of the most powerful and influential popes of the Middle Ages.

Charles II

Charles the Bald was king of the West Frankish kingdom and, later, Western Emperor.


Clotilda is known chiefly for convincing her husband, Clovis, to convert to Catholicism.

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