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A Medieval Atlas



Since medieval studies applies primarily to events in Europe, most "medieval Asian" documents and maps concern Asia's interaction with Europeans. For more in-depth information on Asia and its history, visit Kallie Szczepanski's Asian History site, and don't miss Geography Guide Matt Rosenberg's section on Maps of Asia.

You can find related materials about the history of Japan, India, Mongol territory, and other regions in Asia during the Middle Ages in our directory of People & Places. And don't miss our selection of links on the Silk Road, the trade route that served as the primary conduit for contact between East and West through the Middle Ages.

Asia under the Mongols
From the 1911 Muir's Historical Atlas comes this depiction of Asia and the medieval trade routes during the reign of Kublai Khan. Placed online by Paul Halsall at his Sourcebook.

Map of the Mongol Empire in 1227
This map at National Geographic Online Magazine shows the extent of the Mongol Empire in the year of Genghis Khan's death.

Origins and Spread of the Black Death in Asia
This map depicting possible routes via which the plague spread through Asia in the mid-fourteenth century was created by your guide and is available right here at the Medieval History site.

Samurai Archives Maps
A fine collection of maps of premodern Japan, very well done by Christopher West at the Samurai Archives site. 


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About the Medieval Atlas
   The Medieval Atlas is a directory of maps, charts, geographic drawings and illustrations, illuminations, and other cartographic representations of the world in general, and the geography of Europe in particular, during the Middle Ages. Both historical maps and period or "antique" maps are included.
   The directory links to maps on the web as well as to maps right here at the Medieval History site. Many maps are in the public domain and may be downloaded and used freely; however, please check each individual page for copyright notices and any terms of use for the map it displays.
   For more about this atlas, return to the
Medieval Atlas main page.



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