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Medieval Concentration

Test your memory skills with this medieval-themed game

You remember "Concentration" -- the memory game in which you match pairs of pictures? Try your hand at this JavaScript version using icons with a medieval theme.

For smoothest play, please wait for the entire page to load, then click the timer button below the game to start. In some browsers, the button may at first appear as a tiny image; click it to reset it to its proper size and reset the game.

Not all browsers display the passing time, but when you've finished the game an alert should tell you how long it took to complete. Click OK, and the game will be reset in a completely different configuration.

If you like this game, try our Medieval People version!

All icons created by Melissa Snell

This script was created by Brian Gosselin
and was obtained from
The JavaScript Source


Problems? Try reloading the page, then wait for all images (even the ads) to load. Be sure to click the timer button to start fresh.

The game will not work if you do not have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Visit our test page to determine if you have JavaScript enabled, and how to turn it on if it's not.

If you accidentally click on an icon that has already been matched, the game will think you are making a guess, so be prepared for the single image you've properly chosen to go away before you can try to find a match.

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