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The Knightly Newsletter is no longer in production, but you can now get The Medieval History Newsletter instead. Subscription instructions at the end of this document are no longer valid, so please sign up at our current sign-up page.

Below is an archived copy of The Knightly Newsletter. Known outdated links have been removed, but the text remains. Please keep in mind that the information contained herein is several years old and may no longer apply; some links may lead to features that are no longer active.



The Newsletter for the Medieval History Site at About.com

Vol. IV, No. 15
November 10, 2001


•Knight Lines
•Medieval Chinese Tomb
•Monks with Minds



The Knightly Newsletter


Knight Lines

Top 7 Books about Knights

Your Guide's picks for the best books about the history of knights in the Middle Ages. You'll find works that focus on various aspects of knighthood as well as general overviews.


In the News

Song Dynasty Tomb Unearthed
Archaeologists have discovered such artifacts as bronze utensils and a celadon incense burner in a tomb in Shangzhou City. Find out more in the feature at People's Daily.

Viking Sword Discovered
While preparing to build a bike rack in downtown Oslo, builders discovered a ninth-century Viking sword standing upright in the mud. Check out the item at Ananova for more information.



This Week in Medieval History

Augustine of Hippo was born, King Canute died, and the Welsh monk Asser began instructing England's King Alfred the Great in Latin.

What happened today?  



Monks with Minds

In the political upheaval of the early Middle Ages, amidst Viking raids and invasion by conquering tribes, manuscripts were acquired and ancient learning was preserved by the Keepers of Knowledge.

Triumph at the Tourney

Next time you attend a tournament, you can show your fellow knights you've got the right stuff. Arm yourself, mount up, and learn How to Joust.


Site Update

Fresh Links
New links can be found in these Subject pages:

Castles in France
Early Europe
General Architecture
General Literature Resources
General Medieval Asia
Medieval French Royalty
Medieval Latin
Middle English & Renaissance English
The Papacy
People of Medieval Europe
Plague & Disease
Renaissance Art and Architecture
Renaissance Drama, Literature & Poetry


Elsewhere at About.com

The Politics of Bird Droppings
Did you know that in the 19th century the U.S. passed a law enabling citizens to take over any island that contained bird droppings if it was not already owned or occupied by another country? Find out more in the article on the Guano Island Act by About Guide to Geography Matt Rosenberg.



Quote of the Knight

In the beginning . . . no man was higher in birth than any other, for all men were descended from a single father and mother. But when envy and covetousness came into the world, and might triumphed over right ... certain men were appointed as guarantors and defenders of the weak and humble.

The Book of Lancelot of the Lake


Thank you for reading this issue of the Knightly Newsletter and for visiting the Medieval History site. Have a great weekend!

Melissa Snell
Your Medieval History Guide at About.com


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