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Portugal: Historical Setting

Library of Congress Country Study


This document is a portion of a larger work on the country of Portugal
produced by the Library of Congress
edited by Eric Solsten
from research completed in January, 1993

Minor edits made by Melissa Snell

About this History

The documents here constitute only a portion of "Chapter 1: A Historical Setting," covering Portugal from its earliest history up to the early nineteenth century. For the rest of the chapter, visit the Library of Congress Country Studies home page:




Historical Setting

Origins of Portugal
Early Inhabitants
Phoenicians, Greeks, and Carthaginians
Germanic Invasions
Muslim Domination
Christian Reconquest
Formation of the Monarchy
Afonso Henriques Becomes King
Territorial Enlargement
Settlement and Cultivation
Political and Social Organization
Control of the Royal Patrimony
Development of the Realm
The House of Avis
Wars with Castile
Anglo-Portuguese Alliance
Social Revolution
Intradynastic Struggle
Assertion of Royal Supremacy
Maritime Expansion
Early Voyages
Sea Route to India
Empire in Asia
Colonization of Brazil
Counter-Reformation and Overseas Evangelization
Imperial Decline
Dynastic Crisis
Iberian Union
Development of Brazil
Peninsular Wars


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