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The Medieval History Starter Quiz

A quick and easy quiz for newcomers to the Middle Ages

Think you know nothing about the Middle Ages? Think again. Even if you've never actually studied medieval history, you've probably picked up at least a few facts about the era. This quiz will show you how much you know.

The quiz consists of 20 mulitiple-choice questions. If you don't answer correctly on the first try, you get a chance to guess again. There are only three possible answers for each question, so it shouldn't get too frustrating if you simply don't know an answer. Also, in most cases, there will be a tidbit of information about any wrong answer you might choose, so visiting that page won't be a truly wasted trip.

The correct answers for nearly every question will include links to more information about the topic here at the Medieval History site. Each link will open in a new window, so you can easily return to the quiz by closing the new window when you're done. Don't forget to bookmark any pages you find interesting.

And don't worry. If you really know nothing about medieval times, by the end of this quiz, that'll change.

I hope you find this an enjoyable introduction to medieval trivia.

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