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Who's Who in Medieval History and the Renaissance

Pope Benedict III





Benedict III was elected shortly after the death of his predecessor, Leo IV, in July of 855, and legates were sent to Lothair and Louis II for confirmation. But the legates were influenced to support the excommunicated Cardinal Anastasius the Librarian, who then received imperial confirmation. Benedict was imprisoned, but he had support among both the clergy and the people, and was eventually released and officially confirmed as pope. Although Anastasius was condemned by a synod, Benedict allowed him to receive lay communion, and the ex-Cardinal would become an adviser to later popes.

As pope, Benedict reprimanded the Frankish bishops, whom he blamed for failing to help alleviate problems in the empire. He also repaired Roman churches that had been damaged in 846 by Saracen invaders, and finished repairing the Schola Anglorum, which had been destroyed by fire in 847. Benedict may have met the future Alfred the Great when the prince visited Rome with his father, King Ethelwulf.

It was claimed that the fictitious Pope Joan reigned between Leo IV and Benedict III, but papal records contradict this, and a surviving coin minted early in Benedict's pontificate supports that contradiction.

Benedict died in April of 858. He was succeeded by Nicholas I. 

Important Dates

Died: April 17, 858

At About

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In Print

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Lives of the Popes: The Pontiffs from St. Peter to John Paul II
by Richard P. McBrien

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by P. G. Maxwell-Stuart

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