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Welcome to
Magnificent Medieval Women

How much do you know about
which extraordinary lady did what
during the Middle Ages?


There are twenty questions in the quiz, and thirty possible answers. All thirty answers will be displayed for each question; simply click the name of the lady you think fits the description. No answer will be used more than once.

The quiz will keep score for you as you go.* If you like, you can "cheat" and learn about the women in the quiz before you test yourself by visiting our page of additional info. Or you can jump right in and see how much you already know.

Good luck!


Start the Quiz

*Unlike our Quest for Conquest and Through the Centuries quizzes, there is nothing to prevent you from going back and changing your answer for any given question; so, theoretically, you could achieve a perfect score without really knowing all the answers. Therefore, there is no place to submit a high score.

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