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Africa in the Middle Ages

Recent research has given us a greater understanding of Africa's medieval past. At various times, some African societies equalled or surpassed European nations in culture, education and wealth.
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Medieval Atlas: Maps of Africa
An index of maps depicting Africa or regions within Africa during the Middle Ages.

Africa - History
This extract from the article on Africa in the 1911 Encyclopedia covers events from its earliest history to the sixteenth century.

African Timelines, Part II: African Empires
Heavily hyperlinked table of events from the first century to the fifteenth, by Cora Agatucci at Central Oregon Community College.

Historic Events in the Islamic World
Hyperlinked timeline of significant events and turning points in the history of Arabic-Islamic civilization, presented at the Islamic & Arabic Arts & Architecture site. Select a segment of the timeline from the menu box.

Civilizations in Africa
Overview by Richard Hooker provides information on various cultures in Africa from earliest times through the middle ages and beyond. Note: Use the menu at the bottom of the page to move beyond the introduction.

The Internet African History Sourcebook
This excellent resource by Paul Halsall at Fordham University includes online translations of primary documents and maps from ancient Africa to the present.

African History at About
Let Alistair Boddy-Evans be your Guide to the history of Africa from its earliest roots to the present day.

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