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Byzantium, or the Eastern Roman Empire

The Eastern Roman Empire, or Byzantium, continued as a cohesive entity after the Western Roman Empire dissolved. Its influence on Europe was at times subtle; its preservation of ancient learning was undeniably significant.
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The Forgotten Empire
When Rome fell, Byzantium lasted another thousand years. An introduction to the Eastern Roman Empire from your About.com Guide.

Table of Byzantine Emperors
A dynastic table of those who ruled Eastern Rome from the time it was partitioned in 395 to its fall to the Turks in 1453.

Selective Byzantine Timeline
From your About.com Guide, a hyperlinked chronology of Byzantine history from the establishment of Constantinople as an imperial residence to its fall to the Turks.

Medieval Atlas: Maps of Byzantium
Maps of Constantinople, the theme system, and the changing face of the Eastern Roman Empire through the Middle Ages.

The Nika Revolt
The Nika Revolt was a devastating riot that took place in early medieval Constantinople, in the Eastern Roman Empire.

The Byzantine Empire
Overview of Byzantine culture, religion, philosophy, and history from Justinian to the empire's collapse. Part of a larger site by Richard Hooker.

Byzantium: Byzantine Studies on the Internet
An excellent general introduction to Byzantine studies, an article on the empire's historiographic tradition, teaching resources and more by Paul Halsall at Fordham University.

Medieval Sourcebook: Byzantium
Another excellent resource from Paul Halsall provides selected primary documents on Byzantine history, religion, emperors, society and more, at Fordham University.

ByzNet: Byzantine Studies on the Net
Friendly site by amateur enthusiast Peter Dykhuis includes a brief historical overview, a collection of maps, and a comprehensive list of emperors.

Catholic Encyclopedia: THE BYZANTINE EMPIRE
Extensive article by Ernst Gerland addresses Byzantine culture but focuses primarily on dynastic history.

Explore Byzantium
Fine site by enthusiast Chris Ambrose is jam-packed with informative articles, maps, bibliographic material, timelines, and a very nice image gallery.

The Glory of Byzantium
Online exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art includes a brief history, a timeline, a glossary, a map, resources for teachers, and a wonderful gallery of artwork and treasures.

The University of Michigan: Byzantium
Hyperlinked online exhibition of the University's museum collections concerning Byzantine studies. Includes maps and photos of artifacts.

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