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Charlemagne Picture Gallery

A collection of portraits, statues, and other images related to Charlemagne


No contemporary illustrations of Charlemagne exist, but a description provided by his friend and biographer Einhard has inspired numerous portraits and statues. This gallery includes works by famous artists such as Raphael Sanzio and Albrecht Dürer, statues in cities whose histories are firmly tied to Charlemagne, depictions of important events in his reign, and a look at his signature.

Do you have a portrait of Charlemagne or other images related to the Frankish king that you'd like to share at the Medieval History site? Please contact me with the details.

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A richly-textured painting by a 16th-century artistPortrait of Charlemagne by Albrecht DürerPost-medieval portrait from Bibliothèque Nationale de FranceCharles le GrandA facsimile of a 16th-century engravingThe King with the Grizzly BeardNineteenth-century illustrationCarlo Magno
The spark that lit the Lombard conquestPope Adrian Asks for Charlemagne's HelpA Medieval DepictionCharlemagne Crowned by Pope LeoIllumination by Jean FouquetSacre de CharlemagneLush depiction by Raphael SanzioThe Coronation of Charlemagne
Tenth-century depiction of Charlemagne and his illegitimate sonCharlemagne and Pippin the HunchbackImage from a 9th-century sacramentaryCharlemagne depicted with Popes Gelasius I and Gregory IIn front of the Notre-Dame cathedralEquestrian Statue in ParisA closer view of the equestrian statueCharlemagne Statue in Paris
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