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Archaeological Excavations at Medieval Castles

These sites offer glimpses of archaeological digs that reveal castles from the Middle Ages.

Castles are Rubbish
Daniel Mersey's thorough article on material evidence in medieval archaeology focuses on the items left behind in the abandonment of castles and what can be learned from their study.

Excavations at Dolforwyn Castle
Archaeologist Daniel Mersey provides a virtual tour of the excavation and reveals some of the latest finds. Very nice photographs accompany his clearly-written article.

The Llys at Rhosyr, Anglesey
Brief but well-hyperlinked article by Daniel Mersey at the Castles of Wales site provides a fine introduction to the one-time palace and what excavations have uncovered there.

Five illustrated pages cover the excavations of a Welsh Prince's palace in Anglesey, at the Current Archaeology site.

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