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Castles, Palaces and Fortresses in Medieval Times

The Castle was the ultimate status symbol for medieval lords. It was a home, a fortress, an outpost, and a safe place for everyone to take refuge in times of danger. It was an integral part of a knight's life and one of the most enduring symbols of medieval culture. Explore these romantic and mysterious structures at the websites provided here.
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Top Picks in Books about Castles
Your Guide's picks for the best books about castles available.

Castles & Fortresses Guide Review
A brief review of Robin Oggins' gorgeous and informative coffee table book

Knight Life #5: A Castle in the Background
From your About.com Guide, an introduction to the Castle as part of the life of a medieval knight.

Knight Life #6: The Castle through the Ages
From your About.com Guide, an overview of the evolution of the castle in medieval Europe.

Medieval Clip Art: Castles
Free, original castle clip art by your Guide, including icons and page breaks.

All About All Crusades: Glossary of (Castle & Church) Terms
This very nicely-presented glossary by Hans Doeleman at All About All Crusades includes an interactive graphic of a generic fortified castle.

Castle and Siege Terminology
Fairly lengthy page of terms concerning parts of the castle and items used in besieging it, suitable for printing or downloading, compiled by T. J. Ray.

Definition of A Castle
Excerpts from a variety of sources addressing the question "What is a castle?" are brought together by Jerome Morris at the marvelous Castles of Wales website.

What Are Castles?
A lucid examination of the historical uses and significance of castles by Paul M. Remfry at the Castles of Wales website includes photos and a helpful map.

Chateau Gaillard
About the pic and the castle itself.

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