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Daily Life and Social History in the Middle Ages

Details about how people lived at various times and places in the Middle Ages can vary greatly and are not always available for a given society and time frame. These directories will help you find available resources.
  1. Aspects of Medieval Life (11)
  2. Clothing & Fabric (21)
  3. Feudalism (2)
  4. Food & Famine (19)
  5. Medieval Games and Pastimes (10)
  6. Medieval Children (14)
  7. Medieval Economics (6)
  8. Medieval Magic and Witchcraft (6)

The Bad Old Days
A popular net hoax purports to provide facts about the Middle Ages that explain the origins of phrases and customs. Your Guide offers contrary evidence for your perusal.

Top Picks - Books about Daily Life in Medieval Times
While the details of day-to-day existence varied substantially from place to place and century to century, a general understanding of the basic facts of medieval life can be gleaned from these useful and enjoyable books.

Knight Life
An irregular series about the life of the medieval knight.

Medieval Christmas Traditions
Christmas traditions that began or evolved during the Middle Ages.

A Medieval Christmas
What was it like to celebrate Christmas in the Middle Ages? An introduction by your Guide.

Daily Life in Medieval Times by Frances and Joseph Gies
Your Guide's review of the three Daily Life books by the Gieses in one attractive volume.

Everyday Life
Some basic, introductory articles on food, clothes, horses, and other aspects of life in the Viking Age, at the Viking Network.

Ghosts in the Castle!
Vivid graphics make this National Geographic tour for kids highly enjoyable, but download is slow. Don't miss the Rescue in the Castle activity page.

The Middle Ages
This generalized site attempts to answer the question, What was it like to live in the middle ages? A cursory yet attractive overview from the Annenberg/CPB project.

A Medieval Christmas
What it was like to celebrate Christmas in the Middle Ages.

A Compendium of Common Knowledge
Designed for workers at Renaissance Faires, this excellent site by Maggie Secara provides facts and figures for every aspect of daily life in Elizabethan England (1558-1603).

Fifteenth-Century Life
A bibliography and articles on pastimes, food, falconry, roses, and the development of the codpiece in fifteenth-century England, provided by the American branch of the Richard III Society.

The Vikings Resources
Online articles on clothing, trading, household items, and daily life in Viking society at the Vikings Living History site.

Extensive collection of articles concerning life in Anglo-Saxon/Viking England, including various crafts and occupations, pastimes, flora & fauna, law & order, warfare, and much more. Well done at the Regia Anglorum site.

Social History
Primary documents concerning social classes, sex and gender, economic life, people reflected in literature, law theory and practice and more, provided online at Paul Halsall's Medieval Sourcebook.

Medieval Gift Ideas
Add a medieval touch to your holiday.

Chains - Slavery in the Middle Ages
When ancient society evolved into medieval society, slavery didn't disappear.

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