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These directories offer sites that provide resources for the study of King Arthur, Beowulf, Old English literature, Middle English literature, epic poems, romances, and the writers and poets who created them.
  1. Arthurian Literary Studies (50)
  2. Beowulf (18)
  3. Old English Literature (1)
  4. Middle English Literature (4)
  5. Writers and Poets (14)
  6. Literature Journals (3)

Renaissance Love Poems
English love poems of the Renaissance era by six poets.

Literature to be Lived
How the Courtly Love literary movement affected life in the middle ages

Love Blossoms
How Eleanor of Aquitaine and Marie de Champagne sponsored and encouraged the Courtly Love literary movement.

Chansons de Geste - Old French Epic Poems
An introduction to the Chansons de Geste, or Songs of Deeds, epic poems of medieval France.

The Dream of the Rood - Earliest English Dream Poem
The Old English lyric The Dream of the Rood is the earliest English dream poem to be found in written form. The Dream of the Rood was first discovered on the Ruthwell Cross.

The Online Medieval and Classical Library
OMACL has some of the most important literary works in Classical and Medieval civilization as well as significant historical works.

The Labyrinth Library
Georgetown University's Labyrinth website offers this collection of Latin, Old English, Middle English, French, Italian and Spanish texts from the middle ages, plus monographs, journals and reviews.

NetSERF's Literary Works by Author
Useful resource by Beau Harbin organizes online medieval works from across the web alphabetically by author.

NetSERF's Literary Works by Title
Useful resource by Beau Harbin organizes online medieval works from across the web alphabetically by title.

Beowulf to Lear: Text, Image, and Hypertext
This multimedia course at Pace University provides resources and student papers on Beowulf, Arthurian legends and other literary themes.

The Robin Hood Project
Substantial collection of texts, images, bibliographies and more about literature relating to the Robin Hood mythos, provided by the Robbins Library at the University of Rochester.

Study Guide for Medieval Love Songs
Clear examination of medieval love poetry includes thought-provoking questions to help students understand and explore the topic. Friendly site by Dr. Paul Brians at Washington State University.

Alexandrine Verse - Leading Measure in French Poetry
Alexandrine verse is the heroic French verse, used in epic narrative, in tragedy and in the higher comedy. The origins of Alexandrine verse are uncertain, but the term may have derived from 12th-century romances in which Alexander of Macedon was the hero. An article from the 1911 Encyclopedia.

Amis et Amile - Old French Romance
Amis et Amile was an old French romance based on a widespread legend of friendship and sacrifice. An article from the 1911 Encyclopedia.

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