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Knighthood and Chivalry

These sites offer general introductions to the history of knighthood and the concept of chivalry in medieval times.

Knight Life Table of Contents
An index to the issues of Knight Life, our series about the daily life of the medieval knight.

Top Picks in Books about Medieval Knights
An accurate picture of the medieval knight is not easy to draw. Here are books that succeed in separating fact from fantasy and in providing a fairly clear look at the historical knight of the Middle Ages.

The Knight Series by Ewart Oakeshott
Ewart Oakeshott wrote five concise books covering various aspects of the medieval knight. Though aimed at younger readers, adults will find them useful, too.

Knights by Andrea Hopkins
Your Guide's review of this attractive and informative book.

The Knight in History by Frances Gies
A brief review by your guide of The Knight in History, an excellent introduction to medieval knighthood by Frances Gies.

Knight Life
From your About.com Guide, an open-ended series of articles on the daily life, origins and history of the medieval knight.

Love Blossoms
A brief introduction by your Guide to the origins of the Courtly Love movement, which spawned the concept of chivalry in literature and, to some extent, in medieval life.

Knighthood and Chivalry
General introduction to the history of knighthood by François Velde also includes information on chivalric terminology, knightly orders and heraldry.

Those Who Fight
Overview of the development of knighthood in history by Dr. E.L. Knox at his History of Western Civilization site.

Article by Ch. Moeller at the Catholic Encyclopedia examines the military, social and religious aspects of knighthood and divides its history into four periods.

The Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Glossary
Huge, extensively-hyperlinked glossary of chivalric terms used throughout the history of knighthood, plus entries for significant places, battles, literary works, and people. Some SCA-info also included but clearly noted.

The Myth of the Mounted Knight
An examination of the significance and effectiveness of the mounted knight in medieval combat, by James G. Patterson at the ORB.

Women Knights of the Middle Ages
Some intriguing information provided by François Velde explores female knightly orders, women in military orders, and women knights of medieval times.

To Cry a Joust: Abillement for the Joust
Helpfully hyperlinked modern translation of a fifteenth-century account of a joust à plaisance, translated by Brian Price and accompanied by the original Middle English version, at the Chronique Library.

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