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Medieval Dentistry

By no means was medieval dental care as advanced as today, but people did keep their teeth clean, and dentists (usually "barbers") did extract teeth, fill cavities and even repair facial fractures.

Medieval Dentistry - Giovanni Of Arcoli
Extensive extract from the 1911 publication, Old-Time Makers of Medicine, discusses period evidence of medieval dental care. Made available at the Home Antiques Digest.

Medieval teeth 'better than Baldrick's'
Enlightening article by Jane Elliott at BBC News.

A selection of Dental hygiene and mouthwash products
Jadwiga Zajaczkowa recreated the mouthwash and tooth-cleaning recipes from several period sources and tried them herself. Her report of the results includes the ingredients used to make the treatments, her personal observations, and an evaluation of whether the treatment can really work. Highly informative.

Illustration of a dentist extracting teeth
Illumination from one of the first English encyclopaedias, written in the Middle Ages, made available at the British Library's online gallery.

History of Dentistry and Dental Care
Extensive and informative article by Mary Bellis, About.com Guide to Inventors.

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