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Medieval Ireland

The Emerald Isle has a rich cultural history that is often overlooked in medieval studies. These pages will direct you to sites that offer general and specific information about Ireland in the Middle Ages.
  1. People of Medieval Ireland (5)
  2. Primary Sources (4)
  3. Topics of Interest (4)
  4. Castles in Ireland
  5. The Book of Kells

Medieval Atlas: Maps of Ireland
An index of maps depicting Ireland during the Middle Ages, compiled by your guide.

This electronic journal of history focuses on Ireland in all eras (the middle ages are well-represented) and contains reviews of publications and notices of scholarly developments.

Desmond's Concise History of Ireland
Chapters two through six of this uneven but informative overview cover events in the Medieval/Renaissance era.

Early-Medieval-Ireland Discussion Group
This Yahoo! group is a moderated forum for the discussion of topics relating to the history and archaeology of Early Medieval Ireland, c.400AD - c.1200AD. Related subjects such as post-Roman European history, late iron age Ireland, are acceptable where they bear some relevance to the core purpose of the list.

Ireland History in Maps
Each clearly rendered chronological map is accompanied by historical background. Site also includes sections on Old Irish Kingdoms & Clans, Irish surnames, castles, and much more. Well done by Dennis Walsh.

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