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Medieval Scotland

From the ancient Picts to the Stuart Kings, the Scots have had an undeniable impact on the British Isles throughout the Middle Ages. The directories below will lead you to sites that examine Scottish History in medieval times.
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St. Andrews, Scotland
Photos of the historic town of St, Andrews, Scotland, including images of its castle and cathedral ruins.

The Ruthwell Cross - Early Medieval Stone Carving
The Ruthwell Cross is a powerful religious symbol, a marvelous work of Anglo-Saxon art, and a significant source of literary and historical evidence.

Medieval Atlas: Maps of Scotland
A short but growing index of maps pertinent to medieval Scottish history, compiled by your guide.

A Brief History of Scotland
Extensive multi-page overview of Scottish history from its earliest origins to modern times, by Peter N. Williams. Chapters 2 through 6 apply to the medeival era.

Chronology of Scottish History
Covering events from 76 to 1595 C.E., this timeline includes calendar dates and is heavily hyperlinked to more useful information, both at Rampant Scotland and elsewhere on the web.

Dark Isle
This friendly site focuses primarily on locations of interest, especially castles, stone circles, and gravesites. Nicely done by C.Garner & P.Wright.

Medieval Scotland
Articles on medieval Scottish history, names, clothing and literature, compiled by Sharon L. Krossa.

Scottish History Magazine
This site, edited by Robert M. Gunn, provides several articles on Scottish history during the Middle Ages.

Scottish History Timeline
Well-annotated, multi-page chronology at Britannia Internet Magazine.

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