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Plague and Disease in the Middle Ages

  1. The Black Death (13)

The Great Mortality
From your About.com Guide, a three-part examination of the causes, course and effects of the Black Death.

A Bibliography on the Sixth-Century Plague of Justinian ...
Useful print resources compiled by Steve Muhlberger from contributions to the list LT-ANTIQ in September 1999.

The Great Plague Devastates Constantinople 541-543
Concise description of the event by Christopher F. Malek at the WebChron site.

Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe
A hypertext archive of translated narratives, medical consilia, governmental records and images documenting the plague in Western Europe.

Plague in the Ancient World: A Study from Thucydides to Justinian
This scholarly investigation by Christine A. Smith into several epidemics of ancient civilization includes a thorough look at the plague that struck the Eastern Roman Empire in the sixth century.

The Sixth-Century Plague
A quick introduction to the deadly plague of the Justinian's reign, with links to further resources, here at the Medieval History site.

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