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The Knights Templar

These sites offer information about the most famous knightly order and the individuals who guided it.

The Knights Templar: Warrior Monks
A concise introduction to the origins, expansion, organization and downfall of the Templars, the warrior monks who defended pilgrims in the Holy Land.

Books about the History of the Templars
Your Guide's choices for the best books that offer factual historical information about the Templar Knights, the warrior monks of the Crusades.

'The Real History Behind the Templars' by Sharan Newman
Your Guide's review of Sharan Newman's informative factual history of the much-misunderstood Knights of the Temple.

Knights Templar Encyclopedia by Karen Ralls, Ph.D.
A review by your Guide of the handy reference work covering all aspects of the Templar Knights.

Catholic Encyclopedia: The Knights Templars
Lightly-hyperlinked overview of the order's origins, history and tragic end, well-written by Charles Moeller.

The Knights Templar
This huge site by Stephen Dafoe includes details of Templar traditions, historical overviews, biographies, chronologies, speculative essays, and much much more. Excellent.

The History of Costume: 12th Century Templars
Excellent 19th-century illustration of three Templar Knights of the twelfth or thirteenth century.

The History of Costume: 13th Century Templars
Excellent 19th-century illustration of a knight, a prince, and a Templar knight of the thirteenth century.

In Praise of the New Knighthood
The ORB's five-chapter excerpt from St. Bernard de Clairvaux's treatise in support of the newly-formed Templar order, translated by Conrad Greenia.

Military Orders: The Templars
Concise and informative overview by Malcom Barber at the Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies.

The Primitive Rule of the Templars
A translation by Mrs. Judith Upton-Ward offered at the Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies.

The Rule of St. Benedict Compared with the Rule of the Templ
Extensive and intriguing article by Steven Grobschmidt at the ORB compares the religious guidelines of the purely monastic order with the largely military one.

The Templars in Portugal
A brief overview of Templar activity in Portugal is hyperlinked to additional pertinent information. Links are also provided to tables about the Portuguese Templar Masters and Templar holdings. Nice effort by Rod Thorn.

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